September Offerings at the Spirituality Center●Studium

Join the Spirituality Center●Studium at one of our September programs or retreats!

Caution: Poetry at Work Again: Part II
In this workshop, we will continue to explore the work poetry does in ourselves and in the world and accept the invitation to write and share our own poems. Everyone is welcome: those who participated in the first part of this workshop, writers new to poetry and those who feel shut out of the world of poetry. We’ll try out themes such as “Work of Transition,” “Life Work” and “Poems for an Occasion.” Sister Mara will read and respond to your poetry and be available for individual conferences.

Sacred Circle Gathering
Using the Sacred Circle principles, we engage in deep listening within small circles of six to eight people and share the stories of our lives to gain insight and to give meaning to our lives. An intentional circle of caring and confidentiality provides us with new perspectives for our own personal journeys. Leadership is shared among all circle members.

Rainbow Support Evening
Parents/allies/friends and GLBTQI persons gather to pray, share stories and support each other. Confidentiality is maintained.