Look for Miracles

We have a small, unassuming cabin in the woods on a lake. Surrounding the lake are neighbors we have come to know over the years. While we see each other infrequently, we cherish the time we do spend with them. One of these neighbors became ill with a viral infection, brain swelling, seizures and was placed on a ventilator. Scott was looking forward to retirement in February 2020.

Word spread across our tiny lake and on Saturday, we were all called to pray for him because he was to be taken off the ventilator and allowed to die. Yet, something miraculous happened. Before stopping the ventilator, he opened his eyes. His wife decided to give him more days, hopeful. Each day we have heard hopeful news, and our small lake community continues to pray for a miracle. We do not know what the outcome will be for our friend, yet we know the power of prayer we have sent his way speaks our love for him and his wife. It speaks of a community of faith. Miracles do happen.

Mary Baier, OblSB