Wear Orange Weekend: June 7–9

You may see both people and buildings “wearing orange” this weekend—and we can join in. Recently, Cindy Abercrombie, a member of the group called “Moms Demand Action to End Gun Violence in America,” spoke to our Benedictines for Peace and Justice Task Team. She invited our community to join the “Wear Orange” campaign. Here in St. Joseph, as well as all over the country, individuals, businesses and organizations are displaying orange signs, wearing arm bands and using orange lights. These visible signs call attention to the epidemic of gun violence in our schools, streets, places of worship and work places. Many people are calling for common sense changes to our laws and practices that will at least lessen the violence and help keep innocent people, especially children, safe.

You will see orange displayed at 10 or 12 businesses and organizations in St. Joe, including St. Joseph Church and St. Joseph Catholic School. The College of Saint Benedict will display signs in the Admissions Office. Our community will have signs and other materials in the Spirituality Center, the Art and Heritage Place and in our Gathering Place. Thanks to Elizabeth Roberts, our monastery website has an explanation of what it means to wear orange and an invitation to conversation. Read the article now.

If you would like to show your support for this call to awareness and action, you can wear orange on Saturday and Sunday (if you have anything orange!), pick up an armband or an information sheet, or check out the website Elizabeth has included in her article. And, of course, we can all pray for a country free of gun violence.

Mara Faulkner, OSB

For Benedictines for Peace and Justice