Have A Fun Day!

Early one morning as I was having some lab work done, the woman drawing my blood asked me what the rest of my day looked like. I told her of my plans of going to Saint Scholastica Convent and giving hand and back massages to the sisters who live there. She responded, “That sounds like fun!” As I thought about the events ahead of me on that particular day, she was right; it was full of fun. Not only would I enjoy ministering to the sisters through massage, I would have the opportunity to visit with community members I usually do not see on a regular basis. This one-word change, replacing the word “fun” where I would normally say “nice,” was energizing for me. I have a brighter view every day now when I set my eyes on having a fun day. I have started to end my email interactions with “Have a fun day.” It helps me remember to bring a positive outlook to all my activities, so now I try to create fun within me during all my activities on any given day. Having a fun perspective is an opportunity to have fun, even when the activity may not be something I enjoy. At Saint Benedict’s Monastery, I do have fun within the daily routine of any day.

If you would like more information about our way of life, please contact Sister Lisa Rose at lrose@csbsju.edu.

Lisa Rose, OSB