The Waiting Game

To get caught in the waiting game is never fun for me; how about you? Recently, after logging into a webinar, I had to wait for the program to begin. So how did I use this precious time of waiting? I tried to be in the moment and enjoy the environment around me. So, as I sat in the quiet library on this beautiful Saturday afternoon, I let myself be quiet. On another occasion as I sat waiting, I observed the people around me who were also waiting, some may call this activity “people watching.”

I am growing more comfortable and aware that waiting is a blessing; it gives me some time to simply sit and wait in silence. The time then becomes a gift of prayer. How often do we hear in scripture, “The people waited for Jesus to pass by in order to get a glimpse of him.” Waiting for Jesus is not a bad idea. I look at my time spent waiting with a whole new perspective now.

At Saint Benedict’s Monastery when we gather for Liturgy of the Hours, after the gong is sounded, we stand in silence waiting for the cantor to begin our prayer. This time of silence allows me to prepare my heart for community prayer.

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Lisa Rose, OSB