Daily Meditation for May 6, 2019

“What should we discuss tonight?” was the question one of the students in a freshman dorm asked her friends who met each Thursday night to discuss something of importance to them. Two in particular liked Maddie’s suggestion about sharing how they prayed because prayer was the topic for their Wednesday night’s CCD class. Marilyn’s way of praying was new them. She shared that ever since she’d spent a summer with her grandparents, she’d often pray the way they did. She’d close her eyes, pray an Our Father very slowly and then just sit there quietly for maybe about ten minutes. She shared that’s how her grandparents prayed together after noon lunch almost every day. She said they told her that when you love someone, you don’t need lots of words, you just need to sit close to each other. So that’s what she often did when she prayed.

by Lois Wedl, OSB