Daily Meditation for April 29, 2019

The brilliant evening crimson sky was a treat to every beholder! The dark days of late spring have been long and the relentless wind chilled our bones, but that regal red sky which pulls a coverlet over the sun is worth watching. Meteorologists tell us that a red evening sky is actually the result of debris and dust filtering through the fading sun’s light. The way in which you live through a day of dust and debris probably shines out to others much stronger that any words you might use to describe how you functioned that day! Others are often comforted, edified and even challenged by watching how you navigate through a difficult or monotonous day! Another might be motivated to muster the effort to go on, to ask for help or to change course when they see the goodness, kindness and gratitude of your light shining through the dust of a day.

by Judith Kramer, OSB