Daily Meditation for April 26, 2019

Did you like math class when you were in school? If you truly paid attention, you could learn many useful concepts. It was not all simple calculation or memorizing boring rules. For example, do you remember what an “integer” is? An integer is a whole number; it is not a fraction. Its wholeness points to the concept of integrity. A person of integrity lives a life in which there is a simple correspondence between actions and values. The individual is whole, the same on the outside as on the inside. In today’s world of self-centered egotism, it can be difficult to maintain one’s integrity. Ethical values are so easily compromised. What a joy it is to meet a person of integrity. This person speaks truth and acts responsibly. A living example of wholeness. An authentic integer. What wonderful things we learned in math class!

by  Margaret Michaud, OSB