Easter Dandelions





On our Emmaus Walk one year, Sam proposed dandelions replace Easter lilies.

“No!” I was aghast.

In fifteen minutes, he had me convinced.

Bending over, he picked a dandelion, held it under my chin, smiling broadly. “Here, you do it.” I laughed. He had to lift his beard. As I waved the flower around his neck and chin, everything reflected yellow. “Aren’t we supposed to become like Christ?” “You’re stretching it, Sam,” I thought. “And, dandelions always follow the sun, in the morning to the east and in the evening west. Now, what better disciple?” The obvious homonym “sun/Son” was not lost on me.

He mused that dozens would replace those I picked for a bouquet. “Doesn’t that remind you of resurrection? Christ’s triumph over death? Even if you would have pulled it by the root, it would be back.”

“Did you ever blow the fluffy seeds away when you were a kid?” I was a little slow here. “Look, aren’t we supposed to go out and bring the Good News to everyone? Blowing those seeds? Who knows where they go? Seems they do a lot better of spreading things around than we do.”

I was getting the picture. “Did you ever have Dandelion Wine? They used to make it at St. Ben’s. First wine I ever had. I’d say dandelions are food and drink and Jesus was always feeding people.”

I was hooked.

We won’t see dandelions in church on Easter any time soon, but what do you think? Can you add to our list? What about the dandelion makes you think of Easter, or Christ, or Resurrection or even being a Christian?

Pat Pickett, OblSB