Daily Meditation for April 25, 2019

Clothes have a psychological effect. Seeing someone dressed in a “springy” outfit on a dreary day in April exemplifies this meaning. The springy outfit reflects cheeriness and may move a viewers’ thoughts of moodiness away, maybe conjuring up thoughts of warmer weather ahead. Someone wearing scrubby shoes may cause another to wonder if they have any other shoes. A coat that is obviously too small on a small child makes an impression hard to forget when the call for donating children’s clothing is heard. A bright red dress makes a man turn his head. The tailored business suit exudes confidence and self-esteem. Are we conscious of these effects on others? Maybe complimenting someone who looks springy, comfortable, sporty or confident is reflected to us. Perhaps a simple example such as this helps us see the truth in the words: “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.”

by Mary Jane Berger, OSB