Daily Meditation for April 22, 2019

Ask an eight-year-old child what Easter means and chances are the child will respond by saying: “Easter means the Easter Bunny comes, bringing colored eggs, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies.” Ask a 28-year-old churchgoer the same question and chances are the response might be something like this: “Easter is the day we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead.” In some ways, both of these answers are correct. Easter is also a day to wear our newest and brightest clothing and a season to enjoy our favorite Easter candy and Easter eggs. Easter recalls the Christian belief that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead and that is cause for celebration. Hans Kung, a German theologian says: “Easter does not call for adoration. It calls for imitation.” We are free to be Easter people, invited to live courageously and compassionately.

by Joyce Iten, OSB