Daily Meditation for April 16, 2019

The children had been playing in spring puddles, flying kites, and roller skating. Spring was in the air and they couldn’t contain their excitement. The following day, they woke up to a snow storm.  While this was a welcome sight at Christmas time, it aggravated them in the morning. The little girl went howling to her father:  “Dad,” she exclaimed, “It’s supposed to be spring! Winter can’t come back now!” Her father matter-of-factly responded: “Snow can come in April, too. Plus spring snow never lasts long.” The child stumped off muttering:  “The sun better come out and melt all of it by tomorrow.” Disappointment can either set one on edge or allow patience to consider other alternatives. Resilience is the ability to choose good substitutes for original plans. It exercises creativity and allows for maturing. The father might ask the child later: “What turned out great for you today? Congratulations for making that happen.” Sometimes foiled plans make for even better activity.

Ruth Feeney, OSB