Daily Meditation for April 11, 2019

The warmth, color and excitement of Easter just cannot be held back any longer. For weeks now, the commercial world has been celebrating Easter. The baskets, bunnies and bonnets tease us to forget the challenges and good works we promised to accomplish during Lent. Awareness is the first step of change. The needs, lost hopes and misery of others gives us pause for prayer. We count on the fact that our prayer leads to action. Whatever form that action takes is the fruit of this Lent. The act of having done something to better our world is cause for joy. Sociologists tell us that the surest way to maintain personal joy is to cultivate gratitude. We are joyful when we appreciate others…and express that gratefulness! So, thank you God for Your Heroic and Compassionate Son, Jesus, who gave all for us!

by Judy Kramer, OSB