Daily Meditation for April 10, 2019

In Southeast Asia, monkeys are captured in a surprising way. The hunter hollows out a coconut, leaving only a very small hole, and puts a treat inside. Then he hides nearby and waits. A monkey is barely able to get its hand through the coconut hole and grasp the treat, but it cannot remove its closed fist from the small hole. The monkey could escape if it were willing to drop the treat. But possessing the treat has become so important that the monkey doesn’t even think of another option, even though it cannot enjoy the treat. So the monkey wails and screams as it clings to the bait and waits to be captured. It is trapped. What am I still holding onto that keeps me trapped, even though I am not enjoying its benefits? Do I dare to let go of this thing that I now possess, in the hope of receiving something even better? What do I need to release, so that I can be free?

by Delores Dufner, OSB