Daily Meditation for March 27, 2019

As dawn begins to glow over the horizon, four sleek, grey, furry bodies race down the trunk of the big oak tree. The squirrels are up! God seems to provide certain animals to give us entertainment and also a bit of wisdom. Squirrels’ antics exhibit their track and gymnastic talents. They are persistent. In the midst of a harsh winter, they spend most of their time finding food. Nothing will stop them from devising a way to get seeds from bird feeders, and they will try unfamiliar things. A kind woman puts out bread slathered with peanut butter and they lick it off the bread according to the principle: life is uncertain, eat the peanut butter first. Squirrels are industrious, but still find time for fun to chase one another around and leap with abandon in the tree branches. During Lent, with squirrels as our examples, we can practice being bold, unafraid, fun-loving and never giving up on important things.

by Mary Jackle, OSB