Daily Meditation for March 13, 2019

There is a Syrian artist by the name of Nizar Ali Badr who has nothing from which to make his art except stones and pebbles on the seashore. He arranges stones and pebbles to make a scene, then he takes a picture and takes them apart again. He cannot keep the stones and pebbles because of the weight. He now exhibits his photos throughout the world. This piece of art depicts refugees on the move, fleeing from Syria. Because he did not have an adequate space, he can only arrange and then promptly remove them after several days. Looking at his pebble and stone art pieces give a hint at the burden refugees carry who are on the move from their own home and living places. He tries to depict the sacrifices and risks that the people take, and as a result, because he uses stones and pebbles, the burden of war is most effectively depicted.

by Josue Behnen, OSB