Daily Meditation for Feb. 28, 2019

A condolence letter is a gift to those who receive it, but it is a gift to the writer, also. Janice discovered this when she wrote to the two daughters of a college classmate who had passed away quite unexpectedly. She chose to write the letter because she couldn’t find a sympathy card that expressed what she really wanted Myrna’s daughters to know about their beloved mother and what it was that drew the two together and kept them as dear friends. Janice hoped that Myrna’s daughters would welcome what she had written but she had no idea how this way of remembering would link her own past with her present. She had never realized how much what she and her own daughters were doing now, had its beginning in what she and Myrna had chosen to do together in college.  Surprisingly, remembering a friend she loved truly linked her past to her present.

by Lois Wedl, OSB