Daily Meditation for Feb. 27, 2019

Lately, those of us residing in these northern regions of the country have been experiencing the classical version of a Minnesota winter. It has been cold, very cold with snow and ice, winds and frost in abundance. Each of us develops our own strategy for survival. It may include warm parkas and mittens, bowls of hot soup and cups of bubbling tea. We may happily have meetings cancelled and social events postponed. What a blessing it is to stay home in our warm house and not have to brave the elements. To touch our hearts even more warmly, we can share the warmth by making a friendly contact with someone who may be dealing with the cold as we are. Nothing warms the heart as effectively as a joyful greeting, a hilarious joke or a newsy tidbit. So, call a friend or send an email. Share your warmth!

by Margaret Michaud, OSB