Daily Meditation for Feb. 21, 2019

“The eye sees what it wants to see—and sometimes more” is a provocative opening sentence for a thriller novel entitled Bone Box. But couldn’t it be used as an everyday motto, much like “This too shall pass”? What do the eyes see daily? Is it the same old, same old? The drabness of our lives? Or the sun shining on new possibilities? We can train our eyes to look for the brightness, for the newness or for the unexpected. Think about how Jesus saw the crowds that gathered around him. Who were they? What did they want? He knew they were hungry for more of Him, for His words of wisdom and for His solace. They knew because their eyes were seeing beyond the usual and into the unexpected. They saw deeply into the eyes of Jesus because they were looking for more to see; they wanted more.

by Mary Jane Berger, OSB