Daily Meditation for Feb. 13, 2019

If you’re any kind of gardener, no doubt you have already received catalogs enticing you to get your fingers into the dirt of Mother Earth. The catalogs display the best of flowers, perennials and annuals; the best of vegetables, greens and reds for salads, peas, beans for easy picking and quick cooking and then the root vegetables, some for roasting, some for pickling, always good in soups. The photos and the designs invite us to get totally caught up in gardening. Considering the planning, financing and physical agility needed for such an ambitious project, you might feel something begin to wither inside. Is it the simple joy of gardening Minnesota family style? What you hope for is some fresh food and glorious blooms. The garden grows. Tidbits from the colorful catalogs slip into your imagination. Then run for your camera to record with gratitude your part in God’s creative work.

by Theresa Schumacher, OSB