Daily Meditation for Feb. 11, 2019

In a humorous poem called “Dark,” Shel Silverstein asks that we excuse his unclear handwriting because, he explains, he got too near a lion’s cage and is writing from inside the lion. Understandably, he says, “…it’s rather dark in here.” The dissonance and noisy discord so evident in our country and the world today can leave us feeling like we are living, like the poet, from the darkness of the inside of a lion. Priorities get all mixed up. What really is most important in life? Values are no longer as clear as they once were. Do we have a debt to our fellow human beings? Do we really have any responsibility for the earth’s future? Life is kind of blurry. (It’s hard to keep things straight). How can we get back into the clarity that light gives? Perhaps one antidote to the confusion darkness creates is to rediscover humor in life; to laugh a bit more often; and for heaven’s sake, don’t get too close to a lion’s cage!

by Christian Morris, OSB