Daily Meditation for Feb. 5, 2019

Compared to other world societies, ours has a short history, a mere 200+ years. Though our history is short, all one needs to do is look around in a crowd and one can see American society aging. Instead of bemoaning this trend, what might be the gifts this trend can bring to our world? Older folks tend to do two things: they physically slow down, their steps become more careful. Often they need help. Small acts of kindness take on greater meaning and are much appreciated. Psychologically, this time of life provides time to reflect on the past. This kind of reflection gives the opportunity to come to peace with oneself. In a world of strife and discord, this slowing down, quiet and reflection can balance the frenetic pace of life most persons live in. What is a gift I learn from the elderly in my life? If I am elderly, what gift do I give to the world?

by Josue Behnen, OSB