Daily Meditation for Jan. 25, 2019

The moon was full and the night was cold, crisp and very quiet. The crystalline snow reflected the clear, dazzling light of the moon and the landscape became etched in stark black and white. The group stood at the edge of the woods and listened. They were on what’s called an “owl hoot.” It was hoped that the leader could, by imitating an owl, cause one to hoot back. The leader began calling. The quiet became intense and Sam noticed the long, gangly shadows that stretched out from every person, tree and shrub. The bright quiet wrapped Sam in peace. The troubles of the day faded and the anger dissolved. As the group found their way out of the woods, Sam looked up at the brilliant moon. The peace of this night would bring him back next month. He wanted to enjoy the quiet of the night again.

by Phyllis Plantenberg, OSB