Daily Meditation for Jan. 24, 2019

Cruelty…it occurs every day. How do we think about cruelty and why do we let it happen in our presence? While sitting around talking, we listen to statements that are false and unjust to certain groups, but let it go. People are made the butt of sarcasm because of some personal trait they are painfully aware of, and no one defends them. An experience of everyday cruelty was described by a sister who worked in a refugee shelter on the southern border. An immigration officer brought in a four-day-old baby one winter evening. He unwrapped and kept the blanket and handed her the naked baby. It is stunning that he would take back the only thing this innocent child had. How can we consistently stand against cruelty? In prayer, we can ask for heightened sensitivity, quick thinking and the courage to present a loving heart to the situation.

by Mary Jackle, OSB