Daily Meditation for Jan. 22, 2019

With our political situation stumbling and fumbling, we ordinary citizens have the responsibility to claim and cling to principles that can help provide a peaceful life for all. What are some good ways that we can have a life that is at peace, helps others, gives service, makes others happy? First of all, start by paying attention to how you feel when listening to others. What we hear may not feel good, but listening and being open to how we ourselves feel can teach us how others would respond with the same experience. Trying to be and act in ways that help others feel safe, comfortable and at peace is a good way to gain a sense of well-being and with that comes peace. This being at peace is not easy, but is what everyone yearns for, is hungering for. We owe what we can to further world peace, even if whatever we do appears ever so small and insignificant.

by Josue Behnen, OSB