Toward A Hopeful Future

It’s this time of year, when we recognize that something is ending and something new is happening. In this time-space, it’s possible to more clearly recognize what hope is all about. If it’s true that “you can’t change the world from the rearview mirror” (Anita Roddick), then what will it take for us to invite ourselves into the future?

There’s a certain advantage in having a rearview mirror. Honoring and nourishing our gifts and exploring and attending to our wounds can reveal strengths we never realized we had. We can choose to name both past qualities that have been life-sustaining, as well as those emerging from past wounds. Fortified with this recollection-data, our ever-growing inner strengths may become stronger, and our future choices may become more honest and realistic.

So, as we slowly recognize that we have an ever-opening teachable heart, it may be a bit easier to look out the front window at the next chapters of our life. We might even hear ourselves saying, “The older I get, the more like myself I become.” Who can’t love persons who are authentically themselves, warts and all? Allowing our “teachable heart” to grow sounds like a hopeful future to me.

Mary Rachel Kuebelbeck, OSB