Daily Meditation for January 10, 2019

Trusting God’s grace, it is a new year on our calendars. There are, hopefully, heaps of snow everywhere closing us in for a time of quiet, restful peace after the beautiful but busy days of Christmas.  Now is the time to just relax and mull over those joys and loveliness we have experienced. Hopefully that includes times spent in nature’s sleeping world. Walks in deep silence over the reclusive earth call us to focus our life on the essentials and anchor it in truth. Dancing ice crystals in the afternoon light (light now becoming longer each day) call us to self-reflection and appreciation of our own beauty. Gratitude resurfaces from our hearts for this time of wisdom and for the cycles in nature which remind us of our own. Our response might be, in the words of Thomas Merton, spiritual writer and monk, “I go knee deep in silence…and sink in the hidden wood.”

By Owen Lindblad, OSB