Artists at Work

Did you know that there is an artist within each of us? Did you ever consider what might be the expression of an artist within yourself? It’s that special “extra” that touches the heart AFTER we have done the job of sculpting, painting, composing, washing tables, tending to the needs of a child, a client, a poor person, a colleague at the office, a guest at our restaurant or whatever may be our 8-to-4 job at the office or wherever we make money for livelihood. It’s that moment of eye contact, a smile, calling another by name or giving a  “thank you” when we didn’t need to do any of those extras! It’s that gracious handling of time or an object, that special something that goes beyond service rendered to touch the heart of another! Each of us is capable of touching the heart of another because each of us is equipped with an artist within ourselves longing to express itself!

Renée Domeier, OSB