Daily Meditation for January 7, 2019

“Just sit next to me.” Could this be Christ’s answer to those who say they don’t know how to pray, but would like to? Several years ago, Janice had to leave a family gathering early to attend the wake of her friend’s father. As she passed her little five-year-old nephew who was seated on a bench on the other side of the table, he called her name very softly. Janice asked him what he wanted.  Instead of answering, he just motioned to her to come to where he was sitting. She did so and again asked, “What do you want, Timmy?” He just tapped the bench next to him and softly whispered, “Nothing. Just sit next to me.” Perhaps Christ’s answer to people when they say they don’t know how to pray is the same as Timmy’s to Janice—“I don’t want anything; just come and sit next to me.”

By Lois Wedl, OSB