Daily Meditation for January 3, 2019

We are now into the new year, 2019, and it’s time to think about our “New Year’s Resolutions” in case we made any. Many of us might already have spent some time thinking about how we might improve our lives, our behaviors, our relationships and our goals. Maybe we decided to try and be more kind and caring toward family, friends, neighbors and co-workers or maybe we wish to practice patience toward ourselves and others as our primary resolution for the New Year. Whatever we have decided to do or not do as our major way of improving our life, one principle of behavior comes to mind: We will either improve as we move forward or we will grow more disinterested and lax in improving our lives and eventually give up on our resolutions. Trying to improve our lives one resolution at a time might be a good place to begin.

By Joyce Iten, OSB