The Labyrinth

I have had the opportunity to pray and walk a Labyrinth several times over the past 20 years. I love the journey or significance of walking into the center of the Labyrinth, into the center of my own personal prayer journey, into my heart. When walking the circular path in the silence of prayer and solitude, no words are needed. It is a very healing experience. The walk for me is a prayerful journey into the depth of my heart and my relationship with God.

My most recent labyrinth walk was in North Dakota, at Annunciation Monastery. The labyrinth was larger than any I had walked before. It was constructed of stones varying in size. This arrangement of stones made it a unique and beautiful path. As I entered the path, I was feeling a little anxious. I walked slowly, letting my feet guide me, allowing the experience of prayer to begin.

Arriving at the center, I sat down and looked around at the beautiful landscape of North Dakota. My prayer was simply the sound of the wind and silence. My daily prayer is usually a mixture of silence and words. The silent pause between each psalm at Liturgy of the Hours (LOH) is important. LOH is an important part of our daily prayer.

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Lisa Rose, OSB