Daily Meditation for January 1, 2019

As a new year opens, we bid goodbye to the old one—and, more importantly, resolve to lessen or ban attitudes, behaviors, fears and dislikes which weaken our desire and ability to face life with faith and courage. We see all around us, at home and abroad, almost overwhelming events that chip away at our common humanity and thus our belief and hope in the bonds which could unite us. We are all children of God—though sometimes we seem to forget that.  The holy family left Bethlehem stable for a new haven, a new refuge and were not turned away at Egypt’s border. Apparently there was no wall nor armed guard blocking their way. How open are we to one another’s needs? Do we see the neighbor enduring hunger, homelessness or bodily and mental anguish? The walls of indifference and apathy must be torn down—and better yet, not ever built.

By Carol Berg, OSB