Daily Meditation for December 31, 2018

Families are such blessings. Often we take them for granted, but then something happens and we realize that taking family for granted makes us realize we overlook the blessings they are.  Recently, a friend celebrated her 80th birthday. From a large family, she had lost all of her siblings and so expected nothing but a call or two from a niece or nephew. Her birthday came and around supper time, she was amazed and heartened by the surprise arrival of 75 members of niece and nephew families. They celebrated well and let her know how much they treasured her as their only living link to her generation. That helped us all to realize families are special. They bless us in so many ways. Sometimes we might think they do not even think of us, yet they tell their children stories about us and surprise us in many ways. Families are indeed a blessing.

By Stefanie Weisgram, OSB