Daily Meditation for December 26, 2018

We tend to think of Christmas time as a celebration for the children who visit Baby Jesus in the crib, are excited about Santa coming with gifts, and love the songs and stories.  Poet David A. Redding observes “That first Christmas was not simply for children, but for the wise and the strong.  It was crowded around that cradle, with kings kneeling.  Speak to us, who seek an adult seat this year.”  From an adult perspective, we recognize that perhaps Christmas is mainly for older folks who need relief and light, for those who are alone in the world, or without a home of their own, or are worried about the safety and security of their families.  What can we do to bring some joy to them?  It was grown-ups who first noticed the new Star in the night sky.  What direction shall we find in star-following?

by Mary Jackle, OSB