Daily Meditation for Dec. 20, 2018

“Celebrating What’s Right with the World” is a short video narrated by Dewitt Jones, a long-time photographer for the National Geographic magazine. In the video, Jones says that our perception shapes our vision, and our vision determines our reality. What do we focus our attention on? Do we perceive the inner beauty shining in the eyes of a stranger? If we notice primarily a person’s shortcomings, we are inclined to be dismissive or even disrespectful. If we focus on the person’s good points, we are inclined to be respectful and kind. Novelist Penelope Wilcock describes kindness as a “beautiful thread” running through our lives. She says that, even when we find love impossibly difficult, we can still practice kindness. Wilcock describes kindness as “love’s humble, less exalted, identical twin.” In these days of conflicting political persuasions, may we be kind to one another even when we perceive reality differently.

By Delores Dufner, OSB