Daily Meditation for Dec. 19, 2018

Here is in God, some say, A deep but dazzling darkness…   from “The Night” by Henry Vaughn. Steeped in the darkness of December nights, these words of Henry Vaughn cause us to pause before the dark beauty that winter holds. Glistening with the brightness of snow, winter darkness exudes a distinctive magnificence. Immersed in the beauty of this “deep but dazzling darkness” and the gentle tranquility it conveys, one is renewed and refreshed in this time of hurry and worry concerning the holidays. Gazing at the interplay of the moon shimmering on the snow or the stars in their brilliance, set against the night sky, a sense of God’s peace, of God’s dazzling in the deep darkness, occurs.  Is it any wonder that the Christ Child came in the midst of such darkness?  What new life has darkness brought you?

By Michaela Hedican, OSB