Daily Meditation for Dec. 17, 2018

Thomas Merton writes, “But there is greater comfort in the substance of silence than in the answer to a question.” Merton is explaining the power of silence. There are mixed messages when it comes to silence in our culture. Silence can be seen as a sign of weakness, fear or even lack of intelligence. Yet silence can be very significant in our lives. We can be moved to silence after experiencing an incredible performance of art. We can be overwhelmed into silence at significant moments in our lives, such as a marriage proposals or the birth of a child. Silence is also a way of coming back to our center, listening to the core of who we are. Silence can be especially important this holiday season, because in the midst of abundant advertisements and frenzied shoppers, we can lose our center. As the holiday season goes into full swing with all of its noise, take some silent time to rest in the core of who you are.

By Bridgette Powers, OSB