Daily Meditation for Dec. 5, 2018

As the Christmas sales and songs rage all around us, one wonders how we got so far away from the quiet relief they must have felt that hapless night when, after learning that there was not a single space for lodging left in town, that very pregnant young woman and her desperately-worried husband hustled into the humble dwelling for cattle in the village of Bethlehem. That stable space at least afforded some quiet, a measure of protection and warm, plus a few hours of privacy. The modern-day hype which still celebrates His birth may get “under our skin” with annoyance…yet He came not only to get under or into our skin but, He took us on, our bones, blood and all of the human body to be the first-born of a new and redeemed human race. He came to be ONE with us!

By Judy Kramer, OSB