Daily Meditation for Dec. 4, 2018

In our comings and goings each day, most of us interact with other people in a variety of ways. We are constantly communicating with language and non-verbal expressions, as well as with electronic media. What do you do when someone pays you a compliment? If someone says, “You really look nice in that outfit” or “You spoke so well at the meeting today,” you may not agree with the person’s perception. Maybe the outfit is not your favorite, but you wear it anyway, and at the meeting, you didn’t feel that your remarks were that effective in getting the business done. Do you try to refute a compliment? Many folks do. They do not accept compliments. They disagree with the person who expresses admiration or appreciation. In a way, this is an insult to the one who compliments. The proper way to accept a compliment is simply to say “Thank you.”

By Margaret Michaud, OSB