Daily Meditation for Nov. 28, 2018

Ours is far from being the first time and place when people feel alarmed at the weaknesses (even vulnerability) of both civic and religious institutions. A 14th century Dominican priest, Meister (Master) Eckhart, spoke to the fears of the people of Germany, bringing comfort and hope amidst much war and corruption. His message was that of intimacy with God. He preached that God is never aloof from creation—and that even our sinfulness cannot push God away. Rather, Eckhart taught that all can experience God directly within the self. In his own words: “The divine spark is within all of us—and most wondrous of all, God is the initiator of this embrace. God is no farther than the door of our heart, patiently waiting whoever is willing to open up.” What a great truth that we can cling to! God is accessible at all times and in all places.

By Carol Berg, OSB