Daily Meditation for November 22, 2018

Set against the azure sky, the chapel dome of Saint Benedict’s Monastery, St. Joseph, Minn., stands as an anchor of hope. Defying architects and contractors, who claimed constructing a dome in 1913 was impossible, Sister Priscilla Schmidbauer, the sister in charge of building the chapel, saw otherwise. Undeterred by the opposition she experienced, her words, “We will have a dome,” sound in the hearts of those who hold fast to dreams and work to realize them. As a sacred space, the interior of the dome holds the prayers that have been offered to God in thanksgiving, petition, penitence and praise. This “white palace of prayer,” as it was named when it was built, embraces all who pray in the hope of being heard by God. May the sight of the dome bring hope to the hearts of those who gaze on it.

by Michaela Hedican, OSB