Daily Meditation for November 21, 2018

Perspective makes a huge difference in what we see and how we feel about it. Jan Kraybill, now a concert organist, describes a vivid childhood experience. When she was 8 years old, she got her first pair of eyeglasses. Looking out of the car window on the ride home, she was awestruck at the beauty and the now-visible details of the world around her. But then she noticed all kinds of bugs on the trees they passed, and she was worried that these bugs might do harm to the trees, which were rare in Kansas. She expressed her concern to her mother and was relieved to learn that the spots she was seeing on the branches were not bugs, but buds that would soon become leaves or blossoms. From that experience, Jan learned that our perspective—how we interpret what we see—makes all the difference in our response, whether of fear for the future, or hope. Will we see bugs—or buds?

by Delores Dufner, OSB