Daily Meditation for November 5, 2018

What do you do when you’re in between tasks and appointments with a few unscheduled minutes? It’s probably not long enough to call a friend or take a nap. Well, you could go to the computer and look up the derivation of a word. For example, try “Goodbye.” You will find that its first recorded use dates from the sixteenth century. It began as a contraction of the expression “God be with you.” The dictionary says its use today is as a farewell remark or gesture used in leave-taking. It’s like “So long” or “See ya.” But wouldn’t it be a blessing if, when we said good-bye to someone, we were praying for God to be with that person? All it takes is a little mindfulness and remembrance of the original meaning. And so this reflection ends with a heartfelt “Goodbye.”

by Margaret Michaud, OSB