Daily Meditation for November 2, 2018

When silence and darkness encompass us in November’s drab cloak, it is good to submit to nature’s rest. There is a certain vulnerability we feel and less self-sufficiency which can ease us into the presence of God. Now is the time to breathe deeply and embrace the gift of solitude. In a world fraught with tensions, noise, disasters and confusion, we cherish the peace of quiet November. In this peace, we find direction again toward a meaningful life, toward what is essential and beautiful. November is a refuge and a blessing, a prelude to nature’s long winter sleep and our own transformation. We pray for the strength to remain in this landscape and to “allow nature’s energy” to “stretch the soul,” to pry it loose from anxiety and worry. “All shall be well again, and all manner of things shall be well” – words of Julian of Norwich.

by Owen Lindblad, OSB