Daily Meditation for October 23, 2018

It could be that the stranger many of us fear the most and try to banish from our lives is the one who lives inside. This stranger shows up at awkward times, saying and doing things our familiar selves would never say or do. She blurts out an idea we don’t recognize or runs up to strangers and throws her arms around them. Worse yet, this stranger—we insist we don’t know her—interrupts our peace with opinions we silenced long ago. Things like “War is never just” or “We can and must feed and shelter every person on the earth” or “Let’s join hands with the strangers hidden in others and confront the bullies of the world.” We hush her as we hush kids who insist on telling the truth. But if we’re lucky, she’ll keep on whispering the unspeakable. Of all the strangers Jesus calls us to welcome as friends, maybe we need to start with the one inside.