Daily Meditation for Sept. 13, 2018

In the Gospels, we read and hear how Jesus exhorts his followers to believe and trust in Him as able to show and offer a way to eternal life, one that will enrich their lives here on earth and ultimately lead them to His Father. Jesus speaks of the way to live in harmony with God’s plan and—beyond mere words—He acts on those teachings. Though He can and does cure people merely by His words, Jesus frequently touches them, as well. He takes the supplicants by the hand or lays his hands on their eyes and ears, becoming quite intimate. We humans need and want to be touched. When we are ill, sad or someway disabled, we get comfort and healing out of a concerned and loving touch. Perhaps we—in Jesus’ name—can offer a much-needed touch to our friends and neighbors or anyone we see in need.

by  Carol Berg, OSB