Faith and the New Cosmology

Do Christians have to park their minds at the door when they enter church on Sunday morning? Do the discoveries of contemporary science and physics contradict and discredit Christian faith?

Many liturgical prayers and readings were written with a now outdated understanding of the universe. We need homilies, hymns and intercessions that take into account what science shows us to be true. We also need an understanding of Scripture that, while faithful to the original texts, opens our hearts and minds to the “new creation” promised in Christ and can serve as a springboard for seeing faith today in the context of the new cosmology revealed by science.

Science and Christian faith are complementary rather than mutually contradictory. Rather than nullifying Scripture and Christian faith, the contributions of science can open up new and liberating interpretations of religion’s metaphorical language. Rather than ignoring or denying the discoveries of science, Christian faith can show the meaning and purpose of creation. New cosmology—new knowledge of the universe—shows that the world has evolved over billions of years and that this transformation is still going on. New scientific knowledge can only increase our wonder at the Creator God.

This is a three-part series offered by the Spirituality Center. You may attend one, two or all three sessions. 

#1: Is God Really Up There? Praying and Singing a New Cosmology
#2: New Creation in the Gospels and the Letters of Paul
#3: Being Human from the Discoveries of Science to the Face of God