Daily Meditation for Monday, February 26

Recently, I read Rebecca Solnit’s writing on our ability as human beings to find the gold nugget right within the messes, losses, tragedies and incredible suffering we humans experience…, finding, as she puts it, A Paradise Built in Hell! She has witnessed, as we do, ordinary as well as heroic responses and actions of kindness when earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides and other disasters occur! But she continues to wonder WHY it takes tragedy and loss to bring forth this beautiful human spirit, so universally expressed in our longing to help, to believe that we do have power – each one of us. We can counter those opponents who would have us believe we are powerless, that situations are hopeless and that there’s nothing we can do! We must not let anyone take away our indomitable and beautiful longing to love!

Renee Domeier, OSB