Daily Meditation for Friday, February 23

For twenty years, marine biologists have been tracking a whale they call 52 Blue. Like all whales, he sings an underwater song. But 52 Blue’s song is at a frequency no other whales can understand or answer. So, he roams the north Pacific year after year, singing his song and hoping that one day a kindred spirit will answer him. The whale watchers call him “the loneliest whale in the world.” It’s easy for us humans to understand and sympathize with his loneliness. Most of us hope to find a soulmate who will understand us and respond to our song. But in our fractured and dangerous world, God is calling us beyond that understandable yearning to reach out to people who differ from us in language, culture, ethnicity, religion, world views: people who are not on our frequency, or we on theirs. In this season of repentance and redemption, let’s swim toward them, listening to their songs with curiosity, respect and, one day, understanding.

A Benedictine Sister