Daily Meditation for February 16, 2018

“But you can’t re-read a phone call.” This was Letti’s response to her daughter in the movie “The Mailbox.” Letti, an older woman who lived alone in the country some distance from her daughter, made a trip to her mailbox every day in any kind of weather hoping to have a letter from her daughter. When Letti shared in a phone conversation how she longed to receive a letter from her, her daughter replied, “Well, mother, I do call you.”

Writing letters does seem like a lost art. Even the brief handwritten notes that used to be part of Christmas cards seems to have almost vanished. In most cases, the last vestige of personalization, a handwritten signature, has been replaced with a company printed signature.

Perhaps sending a letter that could be re-read to someone this Lent would be the perfect act of kindness that we could give to another person, young or old.

Lois Wedl, OSB